Conscious Business Teaches Mindful Presence

Global Unity Media is a secular conscious business that publishes books on applied mindfulness.  Mindfulness is not a set of beliefs or something to believe in.  Rather, it is a tool that you can choose to use every moment.  A mindful business is a sustainable business, where leadership is based on authenticity and heart-based action.  Leadership and inspiration are the nucleus of our corporate culture.  What we are doing to and for ourselves is really what we are doing for others through our work.

We believe in science, we believe in the importance of self-discovery, we believe in the power of community and alliances to bring about change and a future where life is a source of joy for everyone.

With a reverence for all life and a sense of wonder in the universe, our mission is to drive the advancement of mindfulness and compassion in the life of each reader.  Check out our books to hear about radical innovations in humanity’s global resolve to confront the psychosocial crises that are looming and that drive the evolution and maturation of humanity.1 5BRzz2ApbTPWzoo0x6yXdA

Teaching mindfulness gives our business the ability to “do good” in the world and also be a lightning rod for accelerating change.  You’ll never see mindfulness the same way again after reading our books. They are radical or provocative for many. They have been game changers for us and for our readers. We trust that they will be for you too.

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